Hi I'm Dr. Joseph Tanti DC., FCCOS(C)

My goal is to help alleviate your pain, improving your mobility and optimizing your health and wellbeing!

The alphabet soup behind my name means that I am a Fellow of the College of Chiropractic Orthopaedic Specialists (of Canada). I am also a Diplomate of the International Academy Neuromusculoskeletal medicine. 

To put it in simple terms, I am a specialist in treating people with pain and injuries to their joints, muscles, tendons, discs, ligaments and nerves. Essentially, if you have a pain or injury to your body (not an organ) I can help!

About Why Dr. Joseph Tanti Became A Chiropractor

When I was in university, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. Well, I knew I wanted to help people, and  be in some type of health care, but I wasn't sure which one. So, I did what anyone would do...I talked to as many different health care providers as I could, and when possible shadowed them at their work (followed them around when they were working). My working theory is that you dont know what you want to do, until your actually doing it. Shadowing others is the next best thing.

So I spent several months following and talking with medical doctors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, etc. Some of these seemed like possible contenders, but nothing particularly stood out.

Then one day someone had mentioned going to see their chiropractor. I had never heard of a chiropractor before, so I thought I would check it out. So I had a referral to a local chiropractor from my cousin, and made an appointment.

After my first adjustment I was hooked! It was awesome!

A few months later I was fortunate enough to be able to shadow this chiropractor as well as others, and I knew that I wanted to be a chiropractor!

 I was accepted into the #1 English speaking Chiropractic school in all of Canada!

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College is the ONLY English speaking chiropractic school in Canada, so that makes #1. So my fiancé (now wife) moved to Toronto.

She stuck it out with me for another 4 years while I completed the chiropractic program and became the first 'Doctor' in my family, and now officially a chiropractor!

The First Few Years

The first few years being a chiropractor were interesting... One thing is for sure, 'School" is really just the beginning of the learning journey.

Kenora, Ontario

I practiced in Kenora, Ontario for my first few months. My wife was taking a 6 month training program for her job, so we were living apart for this time. I was in Kenora, she was in Quebec. Eventually she finished, and then got transferred to the middle of know where...Torquay Saskatchewan! 

Regina, Saskatchewan

We couldn't live in Torquay, Saskatchewan however. It would be too far from a job I found in Regina. So we lived in Weyburn. I commuted to Regina, she commuted to Torquay. Oh, as an aside, if you think Edmonton roads are bad, you haven't driven the roads south of Regina. And you certainly have not driven the Torque road!

Unfortunately I didn't stay long in Regina. So I was searching for another job opportunity and found Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan, the boarder town.

Lloydminster, Alberta

The practice in Lloydminster was great! The clinic, Transition Health and Wellness was fantastic. And things were going quite well. I was there for about 18 months. The only problem was, I wasn't living with my wife! If you've ever had a long distance relationship, you know that this sucked. 
Fortunately, after 18 months working in the middle of know where, she was transferred to Edmonton! Hallelujah our prayers were answered...but now in order to live together I had to move practices...again!

Edmonton, Alberta

Now I was living with my wife, full time! I spent a few years at a few different offices in and around the city, but eventually I found Riverbend Chiropractic & Wellness where I am today!

And the rest is history in the making!

All work and no play makes Dr. Tanti a "Dull Boy"

I can't work all the time. My wife won't let me.

So when not working, you may be able to find me out with the family. I have a little boy, a pregnant wife, two dogs (a malamute, and a Maltese Shih Tzu) and a cat.

We are either outside on a trail, a park, the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre in a pool or doing SOMETHING to keep the boy occupied. They are just  little balls of energy. When they eventually goes to sleep, we try to keep in shape with some weight training. In my younger years back in high school and university I played football, so I know my way around the weight room a little bit. 

Dr. Tanti's family at the zoo with an Elephant
Everett, Dr. Joseph Tanti's eldest son- sitting on a camel at the Zoo
Dr. Joseph Tanti's family
Everett-Dr. Joseph Tanti's eldest son- sitting on a tractor

The Problem with Chiropractic and Health Care

It wasn't until I was a few years into practice that I discovered a big problem with the health care system. People keep falling through the cracks. They keep going from 'specialist' to 'specialist' without answers, and without a correct diagnosis for their problems- If they even received a diagnosis at all!

The Solution

A highly skilled, and competent chiropractor for your bodily aches, pains and injuries. This is why I spent an inordinate amount of time becoming an orthopaedic specialist! Because when chiropractic is at its best, it can't be beat on solving your pains and injuries. The reason is that these problems are most often movement related problems, and so you need to treat them with movement solutions, not pills and shots. 

  • Reduces your pain, faster, and with less side effects compared to pills and shots and surgery
  • Accessible. You dont have to wait 8 months to see the 'specialist' for 30 seconds, just to be pushed into someone else's wait list
  • Completely natural, drug free, surgery free way to help you break free from pain, maintain your independence, and partnering with you to optimize your health!