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Thoughtful beautiful Thai business woman wearing eyeglasses. cervicogenic headache expression isolated over white background.

Headaches can be debilitating. They can make you irritable, miss work, sick, even...


Woman dealing with a migraine

Migraines are one of the leading causes of missed work, and feeling like ...

Neck Pain

man with neck pain at a desk

Neck pain can range from an annoying ache, to stopping you dead in your...

TMJ - Jaw Pain

Man holding his jaw because he has TMJ pain

TMJ and jaw related problems can cause popping, locking, clicking and pain. They...

Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Pain

Elderly lady holding her shoulder due to chronic shoulder pain

Rotator cuff is the most commonly injured structure in the shoulder. But it is not..

Tennis Elbow &

Elbow Pain

woman with elbow pain

Tennis elbow and elbow pain can make it impossible to even brush your teeth if...

Hand & Wrist Pain

Wrist sprain and wrist pain

Hand and wrist pain can make your arm nearly useless when it is...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Women with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause you to drop things, and impossible to carry...

Back Pain

Young man in bed with back pain

One of the leading causes of disability world wide is back pain. And for good...

Disc Herniation & 

Disc Bulge

Golfer with low back pain and sciatic aafter hitting a golf ball

Disc herniations and disc bulges account for the most common cause of ...


senior male sitting on couch with severe back pain and sciatica

Sciatica can be devastating. If your leg feels like its on fire, or has electricity...


senior women with low back pain getting off the couch

Stenosis in the spine is a leading cause of pain and sciatica in those over...

Pelvic Girdle Pain

woman with pelvic girdle pain

Women, especially during and after pregnancy can suffer from pelvic girdle ...

Hip Pain & Arthritis

man standing on a beach with severe hip pain from hip arthritis

If you are waking up every day saying "my damn hip hurts", you may have arthritis...

ACL & Meniscus Injury

Medical team examining patient's ACL and Meniscus Injury

Blowing out your knee is no joke. When you injure your ACL and meniscus, it...

Knee Pain

senior on the ground with knee arthritis and knee pain

Knee pain can make getting out of bed, climbing stairs, even walking next to...

Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain

person with heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis and foot pain can make you look and feel 30 years older than...

Ankle Sprain &

Ankle Pain

ankle sprain

Ankle sprains can keep you out of the game, and off your feet if you don't...


man with arthritis pain

While no cure exists for arthritis, we routinely have our patients raving about...


Infographic of fibromyalgia and the issues that come with it

Fibromyalgia affects everyone differently. While there is no 'cure', we have found ...


Injured brain from a concussion

All concussions are serious. You only have one brain, and getting the treatment...

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