Recover from a motor vehicle collision

Your Vehicle Needs Repairs

Do You?

TAKE THE QUIZ to see if you need help to recover from your vehicle collision

man in car collision with paramedics putting a neck brace on him

“How do I know if I need help recovering after a vehicle collision?”

Do you have...

New or worsening Headaches?
Shoulder pain?
Neck pain?
Back pain?
Jaw pain?
Hip pain?
Worse balance
Reduced Mobility?

You NEED to know this!

Even if you car is totalled, you can always get repairs done or buy a new vehicle.

The bad news is that you only have one body. You can't just trade it in for a new model.

Unfortunately,  it isn’t always so clear cut if your body needs help to recover after a collision.

You may of gone to the hospital or seen your doctor and they told you nothing was broken and that you are fine. “Just soft tissue injury”.

But, over 50% of vehicle collision victims


Clearly "just soft tissue injury" is a dramatic understatement. 

You owe it to yourself, and your loved ones to determine if you DO NEED extra help to allow your body to heal. 

Sometimes pain, injury, and problems don’t reveal themselves for days, or even weeks after an injury.

You think everything is just fine until one day you wake up and you can’t move your neck, or can’t bend over to put on your socks. Maybe it takes you 20 minutes to crawl out of bed.

You owe it to your family, friends, colleagues and YOURSELF

Find out if you need some TLC like your vehicle

I've seen what chronic pain does to people, and their lives. 

Its a massive tax to pay. And its not only you that pays the price.

Relationships with a spouse, family, friends and work all become stressed. Sometimes the stress causes these relationships to become strained or to break and fall apart.

One of every two people with an injury from a vehicle collision still have pain after 1 year. Most that I encounter tell me they thought they were fine and it would just get better on its own...it didn't.

You don't want to avoid getting therapeutic treatment that can help you recover from your injuries ... just to end up living with chronic pain for the rest of your life. No one does.

Feel confident

Know with confidence that you are fine, and that you don't need a helping hand to recover from any obvious...or not so obvious injuries.

Gain clarity

There is confusion, and mis information after a collision. Insurance, doctors and therapists giving you mixed messages... Its time you gained some clarity. 

What Patients Say About Dr. Tanti...

Something I never thought possible

 "I was in a car accident and had gone as far as I could with conventional medicine and physio-therapy.  Dr. Tanti’s personal treatment plan is allowing me to function to where I was before the accident – something I never thought possible. I am grateful and thankful for his help."


Sarah Bernard



He recommends how you can also help yourself to be healthier

Dr. Joe Tanti very knowledgeable in what he does to the body. He takes the time to listen and help you in the right path to heal. His warm energy makes his treatments all that much more healing. He really cares about your well being and has a vast knowledge on how to heal your body. He recommends how you can also help yourself to be healthier in life. As far as a professional in his field it doesn't get any better than this man. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone. 👍

Lisa Sander


The car accident left me no choice.

Lately, I’ve been feeling really good.

Years ago, starting when my car was rear-ended, I wasn’t doing so well.

I had never liked the idea of going to a chiropractor, I had heard too many stories. I was convinced that chiropractic adjustments weren't for me.

The car accident left me no choice. I was in pain. So I chose a chiropractor that was just a few doors from the office and I went for an adjustment. I would like to tell you it worked out. It did not.

I tried numerous other chiropractors but the treatment protocols they used felt too aggressive for me and I wasn’t getting results.

Eventually, someone recommended a chiropractor that had cared for a few of the Vancouver Canucks. HE listened, explained his recommendations and made sure I was comfortable with the treatment plan BEFORE proceeding. I was VERY happy and my body was feeling the results.

Then I moved to Edmonton…

I tried a few different chiropractors and the results were disappointing.  A few seemed to have poor listening skills and I actually walked out on one in the middle of the session. That doctor was not listening to me and my body was not reacting well to what felt like aggressive adjustments. 

It took a while but I finally found a good local chiropractor that I was very happy with. That is, happy until he retired.

Luckily, I heard about, and tried, Dr. Joe Tanti. 

I said “yes” to Dr. Tanti and I’ve never looked back. In fact, it’s been amazing.

So much so that Dr. Joe is the reason for this letter.

If you have chronic pain and you’re not seeing the results your body needs, you owe it to yourself to give Dr. Tanti a try.

If you’re like me, you’ll likely notice the difference immediately. First, Dr. Joe is not a “one size fits all” chiropractor, he approaches you as the individual you are. He listens and wants to know your story and will dig into your “why” and get to know “who” you are.

Because he took the time to understand ME and learn what I needed him to do, I found his treatments both gentle and effective. There’s nothing scary with what he does.

At the end of each session, before I leave, Dr. Tanti does a few more small checks just to make sure “I’m good.” 

I can tell he listens because he revisits what I said when I arrived and he makes sure all my questions and concerns have been answered. In fact, Dr. Tanti has taken time to speak with me on the phone when I was unable to make it to the office.

I’m grateful to have Dr. Joe as my chiropractor.



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