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Dr. Jerome Fryer of Dynamic Chiropractic

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

March 24, 2022

In today's episode of the Building A Healthier Edmonton Podcast, I interview Dr. Jerome Fryer of Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic & Dynamic Disc Designs

In todays episode we briefly discuss Dr. Fryer's history and how turned away from the dark side, and decided on a career in natural health care.

Dr. Fryer shares his experience as a researcher on spinal dynamics and his use of MRI.

We describe how disc height loss is a common source of back pain, and strategies on how to maintain disc height to reduce back pain.

Dr. Fryer describes the 2 main causes of back pain-Stenosis and Disc herniation- and how they differ, and what to do about it.

Near the end of our chat, Dr. Fryer shares a secret strategy he gives his patients to INCREASE disc height throughout the day, without expensive  tools, gadgets or pills.

Key Take Aways:

Back pain is closely linked to loss in disc height

Education, and KNOWING what is causing your pain is the most important factor in treatment and management of back pain.

 An accurate and detailed assessment is one of the most important part of your treatment, so you know what is causing your pain,  and WHY.

Minute changes in our bodies and spines, can make a drastic change on how we feel, and how well we function.

As we get older, our discs dry out, and become more homogenous.</p>

Offloading the disc. may be an important strategy to help you alleviate your back pain.

Whale spines are very big, and impossible to adjust...They are just too big, and too much tissue between their back, and their spines

 If your interested in speaking with Dr. Fryer, or getting one of the models he produces check out his website at https://www.drfryer.ca or https:/dynamicdiscdesigns.com

Dr. Joseph Tanti

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