We Help Active Adults Stay Active

As we age our bodies naturally want us to slow down. Fight back. Let Dr. Tanti keep you feeling and moving 10 years younger.

What is 10 Years younger?

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In this interview, Dr Tanti explains how the "10 Years Younger" system works and how it help you get moving again!

What Patients Say About Dr Tanti

"Treatment has been great and accelerated the healing"


Dr. Tanti patient

"I had so much lower back pain"

"I woke up and had the pain and could barely move."


Dr. Tanti patient

Is Pain Preventing You From Enjoying The Activities You Love?

As we age, we often are forced to deal with some type of pain issue, This could be the hips, low back, or their knees and shoulders. Frequently this is a new pain you may not have had before and it is just not going away on its own, or it feels a little bit different.

"10 Years Younger" Finds The Source Of Your Pain

The first step is always trying to determine your diagnosis or what the problem is. This allows us to delineate what we're going to do treatment wise instead of the usual "trying 1000 different therapies and seeing what sticks." Instead, we dertermine the most appropriate treatment option to get you where you need to be.

How We Solve Your Pain

Based on your diagnosis we're going to develop a treatment that is unique to you because everyone is going to be different. Your custom program is based on what you need to get more active and get moving. Your program may include hands on therapy to bring more movement and mobility through your joints, muscles, nerves and discs. 
Additionally, we'll implement a plan to reduce any inflammation that's present as well.

Dr Joe Tanti

Dr Tanti lives in Edmonton with his wife and son and loves helping his patients regain lost mobility and find relief from chronic and traumatic pain. Dr. Tanti practices at Capilano Chiropractic located at 7107 101 Ave NW in Edmonton.

What You’ll Get From 10 Years Younger

Finally, you can put an end to your pain and get on with your life, without the feeling that your body is falling apart. No more telling your kids or gandkids that you can't do something because "I'm getting older"!  

You'll Get Moving

Stop saying you can't walk up the stairs or double stepping each step. Start playing golf or tennis again. Pick up your grandchildren and hug them!

You'll Have More Energy

Imagine... actually getting tired by the end of the day because you want to go outside and do things like enjoying the sun and walking or running some trails.


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