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Winter is Coming!

I can feel it in my raw hides, winter is coming at last! I love the winter! And this is why I love the winter! Its the perfect temperature outside, it’s not hot outside and I get to sleep in because the sun sleeps in!

I remember my first winter. It was amazing! I had just found mom and dad. I went from living in a barn with a bunch of stinky dogs, to living in an amazing shack, with carpets and a big warm comfy bed. That’s right, no more peeing in the corner for me! I had my very own big comfy bed to pee in.

I don’t know why they had to throw out the topper. I think my urine smells great.  

Plus we got to go on long off leash walks every day. There was no one else in site. Nothing but open road, open fields, and a couple of trees.

I sure miss the days where I didn’t have to wear a leash. Dad says it’s because we’re in the city now, and he doesn’t want me to get hurt. I don’t know what his problem is. I’ve only run off twice….and guess when …

Thats right! In the winter! Dad can’t keep up with me in the winter! 

I sure can’t wait till the snow comes this year! 

Oh, dad told me to tell you, to go this site if you find the cold bothers you: https://bit.ly/2U5e9Ci


But I don’t know why it would…I love the cold!!

Its A Strange Old World: Bizzare News You May Have Missed

Maybe not too Bizarre, but it seems that the Edmonton LRT is a place to go if you want to fight random strangers!

This article from CTV News Edmonton shows a story of a women who allegedly  starts to attack another passenger on the LRT

I lived in Toronto for years, and frequently took public transit. Luckily I was never involved in something like this.https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/two-given-citations-in-bizarre-lrt-incident-caught-on-camera-1.1815169/comments-7.514573

Lesson: If possible don’t take public transit???

Do You Want to Keep Your Relationships Healthy? Here’s How

Meaningful relationships take work. Anyone who says otherwise is likely trying to sell you something. Or lying. Maybe both.

One of the keys to a great meaningful relationship I have found is open communication. 

Now I wasn’t always the best communicator. In fact,  I think I sill suck at it, but I am always trying to improve. The reason I keep trying to improve is because the only way to create lasting meaningful relationships is through communication. Now unfortunately I am not telepathic, and cannot read minds, so other forms of communication have to do.

As a male, I can attest that generally speaking, men are not the best at sharing their emotions and feelings with their partners. Ashley has at times had to pull the words right out of my mouth before she was contented that she got what she needed.

In the past two years I have witnessed many relationships have drifted or fallen apart. I think a key component to this may be a lack of communication. If you know someone who needs help mending a relationship, have them listen to my interview with Kirsten. They won’t be disappointed. https://drjoetanti.com/dr-joe-tanti-interview-with-kirsten-kachuk-of-life-roots-in-edmonton-alberta/


For the kind words!

Dr. Tanti is very knowledgeable and explains what he is doing and why it is the best option.  He is professional, and welcomes questions so that he can educate people and provide information.  Very approachable and welcoming.



Worth Quoting

This month, some Dan Kennedy quotes 

“I Know the mind, like the parachute, is most valuable open.”

“People do not buy things for what they are; they buy things for what they do.”

“Opportunity cost.”

“If you can’t manage your time, you won’t have to worry about managing your money.” 

“Productivity is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.”


Conflict is an every day occurrence. It happens both in smaller scale between two individuals, as well as on a larger scale, with entire nations in conflict with one another. We have conflict with our partners, siblings, and offspring. We have it with our colleagues, and co-workers, bosses and subordinates….I think you get the picture.

We see failed relationships everywhere. Failed marriages. Failed business relationships. In fact recently I was involved in a possible mentorship type of relationship that failed. My point is, these failed relationship’s happen to us all.

So what can we do to resolve our conflicts? How can we best assess the situation, right any wrongs, and move past it for a bigger and brighter future?

If you aren’t a fan of ‘Bob’s Burgers” you should be, because this silly, and often times hilarious cartoon has the solution for this exact problem. 

You need to check out, my A.B.S.

The first step in the process is to A: Access your feelings.

For example, “Ashley, when you say ‘get off of your phone and help me clean the house while Everett is sleeping for the next hour’, it makes me upset that I can’t finish my Sudoku puzzle in record time”

The second step would be B: Be Apologetic

Another example,  “Joseph, I am SO SORRY that you don’t have time to finish your game. Now get off your *%$ and help me clean the house before I come over there and ….”

And last but not least we have step number 3, S: Slap it

Luckily I made the right choice and got off my phone before it came to step 3. 

Hm, this is really a terrible way to resolve conflict. Maybe we shouldn’t take suggestions from comedy shows. Who would have thought.

**This was a made up conversation between Ashley and Joseph. Joseph has learned over the years to never make Ashley ask twice 🙂 **

Here Are 5 Tips to Combat Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the top causes of disability world wide. If you’ve had a bad bout of low back pain, you know exactly why that is. It can stop you dead in your tracks and make it impossible to move, never mind lead a productive day.

I recall patients I’ve seen over the years that have had back problems for years, but never did anything about it. Until one day they couldn’t move because they’re back spasmed, or locked or went out.

Their once extremely busy schedule suddenly came to a halt.

So lesson: take care of your back before your forced to

The 5 Tips

  1. Activity is your friend!
    The minimum recommended weekly amount of activity for adults in Canada is 180 minutes/week. That works out to be about 30 minutes of moderate to intense activity 6 days a week. So pick up a hobby. Go for a walk with your dog or friends. Take up swimming. Start that workout routine again. Get back into yoga, or palates a few times a week. Get your sweat on, its good for you!

  1. You are what you eat
    Like it or not, we are what we eat. If you eat ‘bad food’ your just not going to be very healthy. The typical north American diet is quite ‘pro inflammatory’. And its inflammation that is one of the main contributors to experiencing pain.
    I’ve met some people where if they so much as look at a cookie, they are sore and achey for the next week. I’ve had other patients that can finish off a box of doughnuts and feel ‘fine’.

    So if your experiencing pain, you owe it to yourself to take a look at what you eat. Its possible that by reducing the amount of ‘bad foods’ that you eat, you’ll be feeling a lot better within a few weeks.

  2. Ergonomics
    A few years ago I remember a headline came out in the news about how ‘sitting is the new smoking”. This implying that sitting is going to kill you. While I don’t think sitting is quite ‘that bad’, it certainly isn’t the best for us (see tip #1). But, the reality. Is that a lot of people are required to sit for their occupation. For example, I don’t know of any cab driver, or truck driver that can drive standing up.

    So how do we best sit? Well, we know that having that 90/90 position with our hips and elbows is helpful to reduce the strain on our shoulders and back. But that also isn’t the best. Solution.
    The reality is that there is no “one posture to rule them all”. The key is to change your posture periodically throughout the day. This will help ‘share the stress” with all the muscles in you body.

4) When in doubt, call for help
If you need to lift something that is awkward or heavy, dont be a hero, call for some help. Back when I was in university I was working as a roofer during the summers.
When we were hauling the bundles of shingles to the roof we would sometimes carry them up, but the majority of the time we used a hoist to lift the bundles up.
When your hauling over 80, 50-80lbs bundles 2-3 stories up a ladder, a hoist comes in handy!
So if you need to move some furniture, or heavy groceries, or XYZ, just ask someone to help if you can.

5)See an Expert
This point may seem a bit self serving, but its true. I’ve had many patents say, “I thought it would go away on its own”. We don’t want to ask for help, we don’t want to ‘be a bother’. We are gruff, tuff, independent and can take care of everything ourselves….
That is until we can’t.

When I’m dealing with any type of tax issues, I talk to my accountant.
If your dealing with back issues, you owe it to yourself to seek out the advice from an expert on the back.

Also, its so happens I know one 🙂

A Good Life Contains These 6 Essentials

If you’ve never heard of Jim Rohn, you now have no excuse! 

Jim was one of the biggest individuals involved in the ‘success’ and ‘motivational’ field of speakers.  If your in need of motivation, or having difficulty with your world, you owe it to yourself to listen to everything you can about him. 

This is a great blog from his site: https://www.jimrohn.com/good-life-essentials/

This is an interview I had with Kirsten Kachuk. She does a great job at describing how relationships are really about going out and slaying dragons together… maybe not but give it a listen anyway 🙂



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