December 29


Tension Headaches – The BIG Problem – And how to STOP them!

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

December 29, 2022

Tension headaches

The Big Problem with Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are very common. Most of the time they aren’t ‘that big’ of a problem. In fact when I ask people if they get headaches it isn’t uncommon to hear them say “oh ya, just the usual headache. I take an Advil or Tylenol and it goes away”. So mild, infrequent tension headaches aren’t big of a problem.

I’m saying I don’t care about your headache…its just that a lot of people get them. Upwards of 38% of people get tension headaches.  

The Big Concern With Tension Headaches

The real big concern is when intermittent tension headaches start becoming chronic. When they start becoming more frequent. Rather than once or twice a month, now they are three or four a week. It's when they start getting more intense, and more severe.

This is a big Problem!

The closer you get to chronic tension headaches - over 15 a month - you're more likely to get headaches in the future. It reduces your neurological threshold. All this means is that the more headaches you have, the more sensitive to having headaches you become. This is a big problem!

Chronic tension headaches impact  your quality of life. Your relationships, daily habits, and routines. Your ability to work and live the life that you want. So if you're experiencing this, we need to do something to stop it!

We need to take you away from chronic headaches. Back to having more intermittent, infrequent mild headaches. (ideally none at all). It is possible to  go weeks, months, or even years without having tension headaches.  It's all about managing those triggers.

How to Treat Tension Headaches Without pills, and shots

The thing that I find the most helpful to manage tension headaches is a regular exercise routine. There are movement guidelines from the Canadian kinesiology Association.

What they recommend is 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a week. That's 30 minutes every week day. You need to be doing that.


Having a regular sleeping routine, or good sleep hygiene will be very helpful. It is important that you are getting seven to nine hours a day or a night at least.


You need to be managing your stress levels.  While we can't avoid stress, stress is important in our lives. We need to be having an appropriate amount and managing it well.


You need to make sure you have good posture. If you have poor posture, it doesn't cause headaches, but it can be a contributing factor to having them.  You need to address any neck pain or neck dysfunction you have as well.

Ways Others Can Help With Tension Headaches

Oftentimes, a great chiropractor can be helpful in treating tension headaches. Chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue therapy, home care exercises, and stretches are very helpful. Sometimes one treatment helps immediately.

It isn't uncommon for me to have a patent say "wow my headache is gone!" immediately after their treatment.

Massage can be helpful as well. Alleviating that pressure and stress from the neck  will be beneficial.

Just because your tense…

Tension headaches aren't because you're tense. They are a genetic condition. You HAVE the Tension Headache condition. Neck tension and ‘tightness’ is only one component of experiencing tension headache.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'd love to help you manage your tension headaches. Especially if you're developing those chronic tension headaches.  We need to get that under control. We need to get reduce those headaches down to a moderate level. Ideally to a point where you don't experience them at all.

As I said before, you can go years without having a headache. But that doesn't mean it's “cured”. Tension headaches are in your genes…so you can blame your parents for that. I hope you found that helpful.

If you would like help managing your tension headaches - have less frequent, less intense headaches and stop relying on medication like its candy - give my office a call at 587-801-0305 a email at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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He loves helping make an impact in people's lives, reducing their pain and helping them achieve their optimal health and well being. All in a safe, natural, and drug free way. 

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