December 29


TMJ and Tension Headaches

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

December 29, 2022

Tension headaches

We have discussed what tension headache are, and the various triggers that can cause them to rear their head (or your head rather).   Well one very common trigger for tension headaches can come from your jaw.

There are two primary reasons for jaw pain

The first is from direct trauma- such as a motor vehicle collision, fall or direct blow to the jaw or face. 

The second, common cause comes from stress and/or anxiety. Often people may be clenching or grinding their teeth quite a bit. Many people think they don't clench, but they actually do!

This can cause a lot of muscular tension in the jaw 

The Muscles

 There's four main muscles of your TMJ. The masseter, temporalis, and both the medial and lateral pterygoids.  The temporals muscle travels from your TMJ - right infront of your ear -  and goes up and along your temples (this is why it is called temporals). So when it's really tense and tight, it can also cause headache within that region.

This may be why sometimes rubbing that area can be helpful. 

So if you're getting jaw problems  locking, popping clicking  or pain…it may be a trigger for your tension headaches as well.  

If you would like help managing your tension headaches or TMJ problems - have less frequent, less intense headaches and stop relying on medication like its candy - give my office a call at 587-801-0305 or email at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

About Dr. Joseph Tanti

A husband, father of 2 boys, 2 dogs and a cat, and full time chiropractor.

He loves helping make an impact in people's lives, reducing their pain and helping them achieve their optimal health and well being. All in a safe, natural, and drug free way. 

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