December 29


What are Tension Headaches?

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

December 29, 2022

Tension Headachess

Tension headaches are primary headaches.  They affect up to 38% of people worldwide.  That means if you know 10 people, three to four of those people have headaches.  Hopefully that doesn’t include you!

What is a primary headache?  

There are different types of primary headaches, tension headaches being one. Migraine and cluster headaches are other forms of primary headaches. Primary headaches are in part due to your genetic makeup. They are a condition that you have.

So if you have a primary headache, it means that you can blame your parents for giving them to you!

But having a primary form of headache doesn't mean that you will always, constantly have a headache. It is possible to go weeks, months, sometimes even years without experiencing tension headaches. 

What is the difference between a Tension Headache and a Migraine?

Tension headaches are typically felt across the head, sometimes all over the place. Usually they will feel like a crushing or tight feeling. Almost as. If you are wearing a tight headband or a tight hat.

Typically there is a feeling of compression or like a vice of squishing your head. Sometimes it feels like a lot of pressure. 

 Migraine are typically one sided, but not always. Sometimes they can be on both sides of your head, or even felt all over. Migraines feel more pulsating or throbbing. More of a pounding or a thud type of sensation.  

Tension headaches are also typically mild to moderate in intensity. However, they can get quite severe.    Migraine headaches are typically more moderate to sever in intensity. They can both be quite debilitating. This is especially true when they become chronic.

They key to managing these types of headaches has to do with managing your triggers.

If you would like help managing your tension headaches -  have less frequent, less intense headaches and stop relying on medication like its candy - give my office a call or email and we’ll take it from there. You can reach us at 587-801-0305 or [email protected].

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A husband, father of 2 boys, 2 dogs and a cat, and full time chiropractor.

He loves helping make an impact in people's lives, reducing their pain and helping them achieve their optimal health and well being. All in a safe, natural, and drug free way. 

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