Neck Stiff? Grab a Ball

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

June 26, 2023

Is Your Neck Stiff?

It is a very common problem. Many times this is due to repetitive postures. Even sitting at a desk, all day, everyday for months, and years at a time. 

Its no wonder your neck gets stiff!

I don't see computers or desk work going away anytime soon...This is why it is crucial that you find ways to reduce your neck tension while your are still able to keep your job....and keep being able to use your neck for what it's meant for. Turning, and holding your head on straight. 

Why does a stiff neck even matter?

The neck is of crucial importance. I'm not sure if you know this or not, but your head sits ontop of your neck. If your neck isn't working correctly, then YOU aren't working correctly.

And if you want to be able to turn your head, for things like driving, looking side to side and not be in agony all day, I recommend you give this strategy a try!

The Exercise for a Stiff Neck

Using a Ball and Wall.

This exercise is simple. Pain free. And effective! (when done correctly.

I could describe why in text, but video is much better. So check out the video to have a look.

Exercise for Neck Stiffness

First find a wall.

Next, lean against the ball and rolling the head gently from side to side. 10-20 repetitions is good place to start

Third, rolling the ball across the wall to improve your ne ks proprioceptive awareness.

Fourth, it is optional to close your eyes to challenge your proprioceptive system further. This will help improved stability and reduce neck tension and stiffness.

This can be an effective exercise to implement in your routine if you struggle with neck tension, neck stiffness or neck pain!

Who should do this exercise?

If you have neck pain or stiffness from repetitive postures, such as sitting at a desk all day this is for you!

Especially i8f you are relatively flexible. I find that women typically benefit from these exercises, although men do as well.

Remember, poor ergonomic postures can really contribute to neck pain, stiffness, tension headaches, or migraines. This is why ergonomics are so important!

Additional Tips To Stop your neck from feeling Stiff

Desk Ergonomics:1. This should be self explanatory. But if your workstation ergonomics are terrible, your body is going to likely feel terrible as a result.

This includes having the proper chair height, arm positioning, and your computer screen placement.

When you are finished working, having a stretching and movement routine will be helpful! What exercises do you need to do? Try the one above. Or any other ones.

The reality is that you just need to move. Period. Sure some exercises are better than others. But the truth is, that if you find an exercise or body movement habit that you ENJOY...you'll actually stick with it in the long run. And at the end of the day, that is what will make the biggest impact on your body, and your health.


Is your neck stiff? 

Move your body! The tightness in your body and neck is likely due to repetitive postures or movements you put yourself through day in and day out. Your body is movement deprived. 


So get moving!

If you are having a challenging time moving on your own, or have pain that is limiting your movements, feel free to schedule an appointment. Id love to help you get back to moving the way you want, and need, pain free!

Dr. Joseph Tanti

About the author

I am a husband, and father, love dogs AND cats, and I am a chiropractor. I help people recover from pain, and injuries and improve their overall health and well-being, and have fun doing it!

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