Exercises for women to help with chronic headaches

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

June 3, 2023

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Exercises to help women with chronic headaches

If you have headaches and specifically, if you are a woman you'll want to read this.

Especially if you have chronic headaches. Unfortunately they are very common in women.

Tension headaches affect about 38% of people migraines about 10% and there's many different types of headaches. Over a hundred different kinds.

So this study was looking at different types of options for treating headaches. They found that  specific exercises actually were very helpful in reducing the frequency of headaches. Women who have chronic headaches, that is over 15 per month. Some women  get  them daily.

So if that's you, I would strongly suggest you give this a consideration. What they found were these exercises actually cut the frequency in half. So let's say right now you get 20 in a month. Well, According to this research it's possible to bring that down to 10.

They did this by engaging in this rehab program. The exercise almost half the amount of headache frequency, and it is a viable option for a reducing them.

\What we're trying to do is strengthen the upper back, the neck, the shoulder muscles, and also keep them stretched out. So these are very commonly going to be helpful. And if these are also helpful, other types of hands-on manual therapies in those regions would also likely be helpful.

That's obviously why chiropractors help out with many different types of headaches all the time!

Well, I hope you found that helpful. So. If you're having headaches or, you know, a woman who's having chronic headaches, consider sending this to her. I'm sure she will appreciate it!

While they can help, the exercises are not going to help overnight. This took place over six months, period of time. So I would encourage if you're going to do it, don't give up right away. Give it a good effort for at least a couple of months. And you may notice some good improvement. Hope that helps. Have a fantastic day!

Dr. Joseph Tanti

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