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Over 100 Types of Headaches

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

By Dr. Joseph Tanti

May 26, 2023

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Today I'm gonna be talking about headaches

A lot of people think that there's not that many different types of headaches. They say they just have the usual headache. Whatever that means. Oftentimes, people say this because that headache is usual to them. They don't know that not everyone gets those types of headaches.

They're in fact over about a hundred different types of headaches.

If you go international headache society, this website kind of goes over a couple of the main ones. The main types of headaches that people get are tension headaches that affects almost 40% of people. Migraines affect about 10% and injuries to the neck or cervicogenic headaches - headaches coming from the neck that can affect about two to 4% of people. although a lot more if you've had a neck injury such as a whiplash

How to treat different Headaches

The reason this is important is we treat different types of headaches, differently. So if we go here, we can go to the learning centre. So, this is great because this website talked all about headaches. So if you're dealing with headaches, and they're a big problem for you we can go to different types of resources here talking about different types of headaches and different types of treatment options. A lot of this is for clinicians, but also applicable if you suffer with headaches and you're interested in treating those with different treatment strategies.

A lot of times people think that just because you have a headache, there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. That is not true. There's a lot of things that can be done for different types of headaches. We just need to know which type you have.

Hope that helps, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend and talk to you next time.

Dr. Joseph Tanti

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